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The cooking Yoda blog is a place where you can find some very tasty recipes. This blog was created by a group of friends who are passionated about cooking, who love to get together with their friends and family for some nice lunches and dinners. Our objective with this blog is just to inspire you with recipes we find worth your time. We are not professional chefs, but just enjoy that feeling of creating something really tasteful and sharing with everyone around us. The recipes you may find around our house (the blog) are simple and easy to prepare. The important thing here is for you to want to make a difference on your dishes, so you can impress your friends, family or maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend. We hope that you find our blog a useful tool to go when you are searching for a tasty experience.

Regarding the recipes law of copyrighting, many times we search on the web for a great recipe, try it out and add more ingredients, so that abides the with law. However if you see something on our blog that you dont like, that seems like it was copied from another place and doesnt have a source please let us know and we will correct the problem as soon as possible. We prefer to not claim authorship for any of the recipes found here, even if we have changed the ingredients. We prefer to do so because we dont want to get in trouble with something that was designed to be a hobby and not a business of any type. If you have any suggestions, any criticism, or just want to say something to us feel free to contact us.

PS- we are all fans of star wars, hence the name yoda, who is a enlightened being with great power and knowlegde. We hope his "force" on recipes inspire you to experiment with the treats we have on your blog.
This being said, hope you have enjoyed this little about us page and wish you all the best.


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About the Author

A Cooking Blog about Recipes that you are sure to love. Amateur Chefs making great Cooking Treats. Make these simple meals, and go throw a party for your family or something. You Will Love the Flavorful taste of Yoda.

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